Saturday 7 January 2017

Base CTF 2016 Pwn Challenges and Writeup ( Part I )

For Base CTF 2016 (Myanmar Cyber Security Competition), I facilitated in making some challenges.

Our challenges are primarily aimed for entry level participants of CTF to polish their CTF knowledge. We will deliver more hardcore challenges in coming CTFs once you ready :).
Congrats to all solvers of our challenges.

Ok, let start the writeup for your ref.

Pwn02: Find me!


Yea, it was inspecting your UID for grant.
You needed to find correct UID or bypass it. We will use bypass method.
Run it in debugger.

Damn, checkpoint is there.

Let set a breakpoint, and change EAX value to become UID 1256 ( 0x4e8 ).

 Granted ! :)

Enjoy guys !